Typography and visual communication
French independent designer, a graduate from SVA, initially trained in New York city by American designer Tony Palladino, working primarily with typography, in branding, corporate design, editorial and book design. For further information, get in touch here.

Clients include
Ateliers d’Art de France, Becom!, Éditions Beaux Arts, Éditions Larousse, Éditions Solar, Éditions Vendémiaire, Fundacja Rusz, Galerie Collection, Galerie du CROUS de Paris, Musée d’Ethnologie Régionale de Béthune, Perecofil, Vue sur la Ville.

Publications (parutions)
Tokyo TDC Vol.27, 27th Brno International Biennial of Graphic Design (Vol. 4, 2016), TipoGrafica magazine, Graphis, Laurence King and Pyramyd publications.

Part-time lecturer (enseignement)
Parsons Paris, The New School


Tokyo TDC Excellence Awards Exhibition 2016

Ginza Graphic Gallery in Tokyo
from June 03 to June 27, 2016

Work exhibited:
IDa (logo)
Different Analogies (logo)
What has real value? Can money buy everything? (poster)

Art Moves 2015

8th International Festival of Art on Billboards
01.09 – 10.10.2015, Toruń, Poland

What has real value?
Can money buy everything?
Citylights poster


Art Moves 2014

7th International Festival of Art on Billboards
05.09 – 07.10.2014, Toruń, Poland

More or Less Freedom?


Tokyo Designers Week, TDW, 2012

ITO JAKUCHU INSPIRED ‘Kansei’ exhibition
Works inspired by the Edo-period painter, Jakuchu.
The exhibition was also part of the Milano Salon in 2014.

Realm of living beings (Unity)



Art Moves 2011

4th International Festival of Art on Billboards
02.09 – 16.10.2011, Toruń, Poland

Reality or fiction?

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